September 26, 2010

Deep Ocean

can you see what's hanging on the upper bike frame? round and netted. Yes that's the newest dreamcatcher i've made and i named it Deep Ocean.

ordered by Denan who is a great photographer. this was the second time he ordered my craft and this time he ordered it especially for his single-speed bike ornament.

see the details below :

wanna make this dreamcatcher to be yours? leave me a message on facebook or simply email me for more info :)

September 12, 2010

Magic Minimart

just old photos of femy and i taken by desta for a long time ago.
still love it til now and i think it's nice to be shared here :)

September 9, 2010

Back To Fitrah

please forgive all my wrongdoings.
happy Eid and happy holiday! :)

September 4, 2010

Marry Me

just found my 1st watercolor painting which i drew two years ago.
still messy & untidy :p 

mr. Green was a widower who fell in love with Magenta, the most beautiful girl who ever lived in monster village.

until one day, they both had a date and mr. Green was planning to propose her. 
unfortunately, mr. Green didn't dare to speak directly, so he talked to her through a tin can phone. 

he shamely whispered, " will you... hmm... " 
Magenta couldn't hear what he was saying.
she said, " pardon, but i can't hear you clearly. "
mr. Green became tense and accidentally yelled, "MARRY ME!" 
Magenta was pleasantly surprised & speechless.

to be continued (?)

September 3, 2010

Bawaajige Nagwaagan

it certainly has been a very long while i didn't make any blog post. well that's because i'm doing some kind of complicated project in my workplace and also took some additional classes on this holiday.

home. college. work. (repeat)

my days become monotonous. then to fill my cyclical activity, i consoled myself by doing something that i'm passionate about.

i'm into craft and i'm always doing it in my spare time.
i feels like i'm throwing boredom to the wind every time i make things with my hands. 

until one day, a friend of mine asked me to make him something unusual.

he wanted me to make a dreamcatcher.

i was like, what? a dreamcather? i've never even tried making it before!
i didn't say to him that i can make it or not, but i asked for a week to try.

then finally, i unbelievably made it.

this is my first one, i called it 'Brown Hiawatha' :p 

see the picts below for the others :)

so glad that many friends started to get interested in my handmade dreamcatcher. the color is customable so you can ask for different colors for the suede, net, feathers and beads.

see the entire collection on my facebook page.

want to know more about my dreamcatcher?
price, model, how to order and anything?
don't be shy, go ask and leave me a message on facebook or simply email me.

have a nice dream everyone :)