January 31, 2011


yeah new dreamcatcher again!
this time i made it for Atika Jasmine who ever bought at me before.
i named it Aponivi, which means 'where the wind blows down the gap' in Hopi Indian language.

as usually, if you want to know about custom order info, simply message me via:
email / facebook.

nu' pay nímani :)

January 23, 2011

I Believe In The Past I Believe In Ghost

i feel somewhat lonely comfort and sad joy when i watch this video.
the storyline itself tells that we all need to love each other and the world just a little more each day.
so cliche right? yet so true.
lovely music and beautiful animation. all well done oddly perfect.

goodnight :)

January 21, 2011

The Brave Glooskap

latest dreamcatcher i've made & i named it The Brave Glooskap.

ordered & photographed by Suma.

for custom order info, please  message me via:
email / facebook.

thoughts? :)

January 17, 2011

Talking Clouds Part Deux

i captured all these clouds in flight towards Borneo last year.
which one do you (heart) most?
also find my previous Talking Clouds here ;)

January 12, 2011

Wild Cranberry

my friend Nia asked me to make a fancy dreamcatcher headband for her...
and the result is, voila!

i named my first headband "Wild Cranberry".
it combines brown-creme-pink color for the synthetic suede braid.

does it radiate scrumptiousness? :p

i accept custom order as usually. don't hesitate to leave me a message on facebook or simply email me if you want some :)

January 5, 2011

I Hope It's Not Too Late..

can't believe that it's already 2011, so excited! but who doesn't?
we always get excited on new things, just like welcoming the new year :)

by the by how were your last year? mine was a great one!
i got abundant unforgettable moment inside and this post could be insanely long if i were to name them all so instead i will just highlight a few:

× started to sell my handmade necklace online. 
gladly it's already sold out and now i'm preparing for the next collection.
just wish me luck :D

× becoming 20 this february!

we received positive responses from community and hopefully we can make its sequel then!

× accepted employment at Allthethingsivedone.
it's fun to work with them :)

× contributed a presentation of Surabaya Fashion Carnival on Cangkruk which held at C2o Library.
i was so nervous at that time, lol :p

× had a merry time bike riding with mateys!
it was organized by Other Rag Enterprise and anyone could join without any condition.
even the posters was featured on RAW Magz!

× learned to make dreamcatcher.
yeah it's quite difficult at first but now i can make it as i want. i also accept custom made order :)


× my GPA got soared drastically from previous semester. YAY!
× unpredictably, i got a peculiar crush on the owner of this fluffy living furball. 
well yes, he's my boyfriend now :3

× helped Allthethingsivedone photoshoot for their Fall Winter 10/11 collection. 
it was amazingly fun and i just can't wait to get involved in their next photoshoot!
read my previous post about this.

× last but not least, i watched MEW live performance at Soundburst Surabaya!
i love them since junior high and it's like a dream when i watched Jonas, Bo and Silas in front of my eyes. i'm about to lose my mind i think.

i spent my new year eve with parents and Øvan.
we had dinner at chinese cuisine restaurant, watched live cabaret, then blew our trumpets right at the turn of the year. what a day!

i hope it's not too late to wish happy new year to all of you.
may 2011 treat us well :)