August 6, 2010

Talking Clouds

from the banner of my blog, it's certainly predictable that i love clouds.
bulky yet unscary, messy yet alluring. yes that's the reason why :)

 it seems very calming when i look at those mass of water particles in air.
clouds are quiet but i can hear them secretly whispering into my ears.

they lament, tell a sage advice and sometimes angry. i can hear them all.

i didn't really hear anything from them anyway, lol!
but i often fantasize that they did.
therefore i made a series of photos titled "Talking Clouds" to express their 'feelings'.

i previously had uploaded this photo series on my facebook page, but i think its okay to share it again here :)

 all photos captured & edited by myself.
which one is your favorite?
just let me know.

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