April 27, 2011

Wrap Wrap Wrap!

i think about a packaging for my handmade stuff lately. i need a small one for necklace and a wee big one for dreamcatcher.

those above are some craft packaging and tag references i picked from random sources.

it really inspires me a lot and make me realize that packaging can be so cute and delightful. we can also substitute some expensive materials with a cheaper one such as brown paper, food doily and colorful tapes. even, we don't need to spend a penny if we use some used stuff such as small childhood animal figures, buttons and wools.

i'm gonna make my own and post it soon with my latest dreamcatcher i've made so just wait and see!
hope it inspires you either :)

April 24, 2011

The Brisk Gooseberry

this is the second dreamcatcher headband i've made after Wild Cranberry and i call this one The Brisk Gooseberry.

this one is already sold out so if you're interested in this nature theme piece, go ahead send me a facebook message or email for more infos :)

anyway, happy easter for those who celebrate!

April 23, 2011

It's Funny How Simple Thing Can Make Me Smile..

..just like the video below.

this reminds me why i love cats so much :k

happy sunday all!

April 22, 2011

Handmade Dreamcatcher Necklace / Pezi & Friends

well, since i hadn't been write anything in this blog since... what, two months ago? whoa i didn't realize it's been so long! i've been bombarded with a lot of lot of lot of tasks and having a hard time actually. got a lot of things to share, but i think i'll tell you in another post later.

for now, i wanna give you an update of my handmade stuff i've made lately. it's dreamcatcher necklace!






i've been selling 'en on facebook, but this month i'm not available to accept any orders because i'm facing mid-test  in two weeks. so if you interested to order, i need you to sip a tea of patience because i'll make 'em back in stock next may! :D just sent me a facebook message or email for any infos such as price, how to order etc.

hope you love it ;)