April 27, 2011

Wrap Wrap Wrap!

i think about a packaging for my handmade stuff lately. i need a small one for necklace and a wee big one for dreamcatcher.

those above are some craft packaging and tag references i picked from random sources.

it really inspires me a lot and make me realize that packaging can be so cute and delightful. we can also substitute some expensive materials with a cheaper one such as brown paper, food doily and colorful tapes. even, we don't need to spend a penny if we use some used stuff such as small childhood animal figures, buttons and wools.

i'm gonna make my own and post it soon with my latest dreamcatcher i've made so just wait and see!
hope it inspires you either :)


  1. great post, I really need inspiration for wrap package :)

  2. thanks june :D you can find more lovely wrap package on etsy.

  3. waa... kerenn nih packagingnya...selama ini standar kalau bungkus2 kiriman :p....
    pencerahan disini :))

    salam kenal ya rizkia

  4. sama sebelumnya aku kalo ngirim2 barang biasa bgt packagingnya, semoga bisa menginspoirasi yah!

    salam kenal juga enno :D

  5. omydeargod, this is lovely!
    thanks for sharing :D and oh ya, nice blog too :)

  6. yer welcome Venus! You have a nice blog too ;)