December 9, 2010

Complaining Is Worse Than Doing Nothing

time is running so fast and i just realized that i’ve been completely absent from blogging. deeply sorry for late reply to your comments because it’s been a hectic month for me. 

i was doing so many miserable college tasks, facing smart-ass programmer who handles a website at my workplace and much more problems to tell. but i know that complaining too much doesn't solve anything, so i better share thing which made me happy ;)

i'm very proud that i could cooperate with my favorite clothing brand from Surabaya, Allthethingsivedone, for their Fall-Winter 10/11 collection . i've made several necklaces, bracelets and one big dreamcatcher which worn as headpiece.

the photo shoot itself went so great! i was there to help. we went to a forest and had various photo scenes. 

as we worked, it obviously showed that all of us actually got super duperly tired, but no one was complaining because we were working with happy feeling :)

even the models didn't say any word when they're accidentally stumbled on the ground. my feet got hurt too because i stepped on prickly plants *ouch* but we had a lot of fun anyway!

Allthethingsivedone Fall-Winter 10/11 lookbook is already launched and you can simply click here to download. pssst, it’s jaw-dropping guaranteed! :D

 also watch their cool video preview! enjoy:

all photographs & video copyright © by Allthethingsivedone

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