February 7, 2011

Thanks God I Don't Have A Clourophobia Anymore

there has been a moving circus in my town around this couple month and when it moved close to my house, i was so over-excited. seriously, it's my lifetime wishlist to watch circus since i've watched it last 11 years ago. so i immediately went there with Øvan on weekday to avoid the crowd and .. holy geez, finally my dream came true.

the show was pretty good even though it's just as same as the circus in general. i mean, they didn't offer attractions that we've never seen before. but what's the harm if we appreciate their hard work, in case what they did is not a thing that everyone can do easily, right?

there were stunning acrobats, funny animal actions and so many more.
well yes of course there were attractive clowns who played moscow style comedy.

talk about clowns, errr anyway, i had an unpleasant memory about them.

so when i was 4, i watched Poltergeist clown doll scene which FREAKED. ME. THE. HECK. OUT.
and maybe it invested some clourophobia in little me because everytime i see clown again, i always screamed & cried. then ridiculously, that scene made me scared of dolls too. like, most of my friends have tons of barbie. but me, nah, not at all. because i had a imagination that my toys would turn into an evil thing when night comes.

yeah i admit that's quite silly, but that what i was thinking when i was a kid :p
however, as time passes by (thankfully) my clourophobia gradually disappeared.
do you have any exaggerated fear in your childhood too?

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