July 20, 2011

Brangerous / Ice Woman Chapter

Last week I joined an art exhibition by Brangerous which took place at Gramedia Expo Surabaya. We were participated with Indie Clothing Expo (ICE) who held their latest event "Women Chapter", which is pretty dope & unique because it was specially devoted to women so no gentlemen are allowed to enter :3

The art exhibition has 'Woman In Fashion' theme. It lasted 3 days & we got many wonderful feedback from the eartlings around there. Check out the photos taken by Nita Darsono a.k.a Nitchi below~

You can peek my artwork in the last photo. Mine is in the middle of those 3 row illustration above. I know you cannot see it clearly so me gonna post the detail of my work in the next post, but you can see it before the coloring //here//.

Find out more about Brangerous if you are a woman who's into artsy thingy& wanna join their next exhibition. Click click click Brangerous' blog twitterfanpage.

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