May 15, 2011

Coming Soon / Kimilatta

Do you guys still remember my previous post about the dreamcatcher necklace I've made? If you don't, you can hyperactively jump into the nearest time machine and travel to the //past//.

Actually, I made those pieces for my next project. Yeawp, soonish me gonna launch my own handcrafted juelerie line which called Kimilatta :) So excited yet anxiousness also blends together in me!

The concept itself, Kimilatta is a name of a girl who loves to create alluring handcrafted juelerie with her magical petite fingers. We can say that she is the fictional character / icon who roles the line. She is a darling yet kinda quirky because she likes to speak in awkward language sometimes. She's into traveling and her adventurous journey always told as a story in her every collection.

If you guys don't mind, pwlish add Kimilatta as friend on //facebook//, like her //page// & follow her //twitter//.

A hugey gigantic thanks for those who helped & supported me. I hope ye'll fancy the collection ♥♡

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