May 3, 2011

My Dreamcatcher Packaging!

as my pinky promise, finally i posted the packaging for my dreamcatcher. i made a box made of carton in medium thickness and layered it with brown paper, then glued a round shaped picture from talking cloud series on the top. it's a very simple design because i had to ship this package as soon as possible. so if i had more time, i'd make a cuter one *tongue*

links :
× lovely packaging inspiration

hope you like it :)


  1. bagus maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarssssssssssssss!! :DD

  2. hihi makasih ayiee :*
    nanti kalung jualanku juga aku package kayak gini juga :D

  3. Its really nice of you.This design is simple yet so lovely and attractive.Its very well designed in such short period of time.I want to thank you posting the details of how you created this Dreamcatcher packaging design.I'll also try to design it.It rocks!
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