December 24, 2011

Hello Again, These Are The Things I've Missed To Share

Hi, hewloo! It's been like forever I didn't update my blog since last May. Well, that's because I've been working on something I haven't shared to you yet.

A crazy amount of things happened so I denno where to start.

Let's mention stuffy like..
× Dreamcatcher! Yessuh, I'm still accepting some orders and I've made a few of it with different colors & designs. And yes yes, if you need info about the price etc just simply email me //here// I'll try to reply as soon as possible :)
× College? Loadsa tasks as usually & I'm gonna face final test for the next couple weeks.
× Kimilatta, the handcrafted juelerie line I own & already launched the 2nd collection ;D You can check its facebook page & twitter. Pwlish like // follow if you dont mind *wwiinnkk*
× Also got some splendid experiences ~ I held my very first craft workshop about how to make a dreamcatcher & got interviewed by national newspaper then featured on it! Hahah, and many more actually.

That's why I feel so wuckingly lame for not updating my blog with those magical things happend in my life. So I'm planning to post things I've missed out to write here, according to its actual date.  In this case, pwlish check my older post if you have time because there's gonna be loadsa posts about my previous works.

I know that wibbe weirrrrd to post things that had already happened in several months ago, but I NEED to do that. For myself. To remind me what I've been done, at least. So I hope you understand if sometimes I updated a post with an old date :^)


  1. Nice darling! Check my blog and...maybe you wanna folloow each other? kisses from Romania ;)

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  3. keren warna photo nya, mari kita saling sharing ilmu hehehhe