October 10, 2011

Lost In A Magical Wood

After I launched the first Kimilatta collection last May, now I've been werking on the next one! Yesterday I had a photo & video shoot in a magical forest with my mateys. Wanna know what we'd been doing? :)

Kiza was doing Debby's make up. She has a unique face, that's why I picked her as my model.
Awe the choker wore by Debby! A wee bit sneako peeko!

Ovan was filming the video.

Sweaty & tired, let's take a little break shall we.
This scene visualised wrele nice in the video. Lurve it

The crews! Trankyew guys for werking with me ☺   

The session went so so jubilant & I cannut wait to show you the lookbook & video! If you wunna get Kimilatta's daily update you can follow her on twitter so ye're not gunna miss any drip of the latest news. And don't forget to like her facebook page also :)

All photos captured by Adityo Nugroho.

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