May 22, 2011

Kimilatta / SS11 - Chippewa Playground

Yeehay, finally the 1st Kimilatta collection has launched! According to Kimilatta's //brand concept//, there's a story about Kimi's adventure below & pwlish tell me whatcha think. Hope you lurve it guise :}

 Kimilatta SS11 /Chippewa Playground

This very first series inspired by Kimilatta's adventure in North Mexico, where she met Chippewa Indian Tribe and sojourned at their sacred village. There she was introduced to a dreamcatcher, the native American amulets used to capture nightmares while sleeping.

When it hung above the place where you sleep, good dreams slip through the web and into the sleeper during the night while bad dreams become caught in the web and are perished by morning light.

Chippewa themselves credited as the first people to use dreamcatcher, but many other tribes and native people have adopted it into their culture.

Let's take a peek at Chippewa Playground where the baby dreamies was born :)


Contact ● kimilatta{at}gmail{com} ● for how to order / pricelist or simply message her via //facebook// and don't forget to like her //page//. If you have twitter, i think you better //follow// her too because she loves to chirp there sharing any extra info about the product & giveaway ^^^


May 15, 2011

Coming Soon / Kimilatta

Do you guys still remember my previous post about the dreamcatcher necklace I've made? If you don't, you can hyperactively jump into the nearest time machine and travel to the //past//.

Actually, I made those pieces for my next project. Yeawp, soonish me gonna launch my own handcrafted juelerie line which called Kimilatta :) So excited yet anxiousness also blends together in me!

The concept itself, Kimilatta is a name of a girl who loves to create alluring handcrafted juelerie with her magical petite fingers. We can say that she is the fictional character / icon who roles the line. She is a darling yet kinda quirky because she likes to speak in awkward language sometimes. She's into traveling and her adventurous journey always told as a story in her every collection.

If you guys don't mind, pwlish add Kimilatta as friend on //facebook//, like her //page// & follow her //twitter//.

A hugey gigantic thanks for those who helped & supported me. I hope ye'll fancy the collection ♥♡

May 13, 2011

The Dancing Yeti

a friend of mine asked me to make her a feathery neck wear. she's a vocalist of Porn Ikebana so she wants a quirky piece for her on stage and album launching property. 

and the result is, tadaa.. The Dancing Yeti Choker!

i clasped many kind of feathers and added small antique beads for colorful accent. then i made some triangle and diamond shaped thingy to make a unique detail. 

it really suits best on people who dig boho style but it also looks pretty nice in our casual outfit. dance freely while wearing this choker and maybe you could make a lot of yetis fall in love with you!

just simply email me if you want this piece hang cutely around your neck. i'll reply as soon as possible :)

happy dancing!

May 4, 2011

This Is Our Wake Up Call

impressive and touching animation music video with horrifying ending.
i hope it's a great way to remind us of the horror of our future : global warming.
now, how to solve the problem?

May 3, 2011

My Dreamcatcher Packaging!

as my pinky promise, finally i posted the packaging for my dreamcatcher. i made a box made of carton in medium thickness and layered it with brown paper, then glued a round shaped picture from talking cloud series on the top. it's a very simple design because i had to ship this package as soon as possible. so if i had more time, i'd make a cuter one *tongue*

links :
× lovely packaging inspiration

hope you like it :)

May 1, 2011

Tablita Of Luck

dreamcatcher above is the latest one i've made. it's a little bit different from my previous creations. did you notice? yes, the there's a cute orange glass pearl in the middle of the web.

you can see the bigger photo size here and if you want to make this Tablita of Luck dreamcatcher to be yours, just email me  for more infos.

hope all of you get great and lucky days!